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Google Adwords Tip [Boost Your Ads With Dynamic Keyword Insertion]

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Google Adwords Tip [Boost Your Ads With Dynamic Keyword Insertion]

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Dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) is a customization feature offered in Google AdWords that allows you to customize an ad to a specific search term..

Dynamic keyword insertion literally allows you to “dynamically insert” a keyword you’re targeting into your ad copy, based on the how the search term is entered.

For example, if I use the headline: “Buy {Keyword:New Home}” in an ad and someone searches a keyword I am bidding on, that specific search term (“New House” or “New Property” etc.) could appear in the headline of the ad. If the term is too long for the character limit, my default phrase “New Home” will appear instead.

So if you’re using an Ad Group for your couch store that inludes keywords like:

leather couches
best leather couches

By using dynamic keyword insertion, you will be able to show people who search for “couches” the word couches, people who search for “leather couches” that phrase, and so on, in the ad text itself.

Dynamic keyword insertion let’s you to display to searchers a more relevant ad, since the ad is dynamically updated based on what search terms are entered.

Google defines it as:

Keyword insertion is an advanced feature that helps you provide users with more relevant ad text while using a single generic ad for multiple keywords. AdWords will insert individual keywords into the same ad text so that a user sees a distinct ad for their keyword search, if their keyword triggers one of your ad group keywords.

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Why Dynamic Key Word Insertion?

Mainly becuase it allows for More Specific Targeting – The beauty of dynamic keyword insertion is that it enables you to create an ad that contains text more specific to what the searcher typed in.

This makes the search expeience more seamless from people since the headline reflects more closely what they were searching for.

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