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Google Search + Linkedin Retargeting Ads = Guranteed ROI Boost

by admin
Google Search + Linkedin Retargeting Ads = Guranteed ROI Boost

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Linkedin ads can actually enhance the roi of your google ads. Let me explain linkedin ads – ad account the insights tag can actually pick up traffic on your website regardless of where the traffic came from. You can then use linkedin’s filters to qualify those website visitors. So you don’t have to worry about wasting advertising, spend getting in front of people who just wanted to read your blog or you know, spent five seconds on the page and we’re an intern at denny’s.

You can retarget all website visitors including my favorite strong source google search, qualify them with linkedin’s filters on top of the retargeting audience and then nurture them to shake out additional conversions from any of your other ad channels. So if done properly, linkedin retargeting can almost guarantee the enhanced roi of any of your other ad channels.

And think specifically of google search, we pay upwards $50 or so for the specific search , ” linkedin ads, agency” or “linkedin advertising agency” so retargeting that traffic that google searches bringing in with a nurture sequence of linkedin retargeting ads is the best way possible for us to make the most of those high intent clicks.

Otherwise I would probably be forced to back down my bids on some of those high intent searches because they can get really expensive. But I know I’ve built a really strong structure on the back end to actually nurture those clicks, get the conversions that allow me to outbid my competitors on google search some food for thought.

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