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High Level SaaS Agency : Webinar Funnel and Workflows for SaaS Agency In A Box Snapshot

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High Level SaaS Agency : Webinar Funnel and Workflows for SaaS Agency In A Box Snapshot


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Hello. This is Beant again with Extendly for High Level and I am excited to share a demo, a quick demo of our Webinar Funnel, and workflows added to our SaaS Agency in a Box Snapshot. And by the way, if you don’t know what is the Ultimate SaaS Agency in a Box Snapshot is head
over to our website, go to the side menu, click on Snapshots Store and you’ll be brought over here to this page, hit the Buy now button and you can come down to check out the SaaS Agency in a Box Snapshot right here and once you click over to it, there’s a video right here about 20 minutes long, So that goes over every detail of what’s inside the snapshot. And it’s an amazing turnkey solution if you’re trying to sell High Level as a white-label SaaS to your clients. Alright anyway, now let’s go back to the Webinar Funnel. In the Webinar Funnel, we’ve built out, you know, just like the rest of our SaaS websites and templates. We’ve built this out similarly all on custom values as well. You’ll be able to come here and modify this and we’re, you know, really trying to educate them to see what you’re going to learn here within this, which is to automate you know, learn about automation, emails, text message, marketing, and online reviews and all that jazz that we talked about, the speakers will go here. Their little description would go right there as well and why this webinar section. this is already there, you’re free to use it as is or modify it. And the best thing is this it’s designed in a way where you can literally copy the exact funnel and modify it to fit a second webinar or third webinar that you may want to do. And it’s designed for SaaS agencies that are going to be selling High Level as a white label software. So that’s why you know all of these you know what will you learn in this training is here and we you know, kind of laid out exactly what things they’re going to learn so they know exactly what they’re going to capture here. And once they’ve completed this form, they registered here, they’ve taken over to a thank you page right over here. And on the thank you page there you can through custom values, you can type in your registration for your Zoom webinar or something like that. And then when they click here they’re brought to the Zoom to register if you’re using something else, then that could be integrated here.
And by the way, my team is gonna we’ll help you set this all up as well. Then there are workflows that follow the first one is your initial blast. You enter the event date here and then it continues to remind them up until the event and all the way up to 10 minutes before the event. and then after that, we’ve actually put a day Wait in here actually a two-day Wait so that you have enough time to render the recording for a replay, stick it inside the email here which is also put on a custom value as well. And then once you do that, then your email will fire off with the replay to everyone who registered for that event. And then here is the email, a glimpse of one of the emails that are written out that you know it talks about. You know, here’s what you’re going to learn. These are the three things, it’s 100% free and you’re invited. then there are limited seats so book now, you know otherwise you may lose your chance type of thing. Here’s what you need to do, step one register and don’t forget to attend then similarly there are a couple of additional emails that go out as reminders as well. So yeah that’s everything inside the webinar workflow funnel that we’ve created, we’re going to be adding a few more things to this and I’ll tell you what that is in a few days once we actually add that in and we’re, the team is still working on finishing this up but we’re expecting to release this by this Friday. And having everyone who’s purchased our SaaS Agency in a Box Snapshot. All of you guys will get access to it free of cost that anyone who hasn’t, this is only included on our SaaS Agency in a Box Snapshot so we’re not selling it separately and if you do want access to it then check out what this SaaS Agency in a Box Snapshot is all about and I guarantee you, you are not going to regret having a look at that.

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