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HighLevel SaaS Agency In A Box Snapshot Training. Get Started With Your GHL In Just 1 Day! Seriously

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HighLevel SaaS Agency In A Box Snapshot Training. Get Started With Your GHL In Just 1 Day! Seriously


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Welcome to our very first training and thank you guys all for joining.
We’re gonna have very a lot more to come in the future but we’re excited to have you guys all here today.
So today what we’re gonna do is go over the ultimate saS agency in a box snapshot.
It’s a, you know, as you guys all know, it’s a very comprehensive snapshot.
So we’re going to break down all of its capabilities from the minute Elite enters all the way to a sale being closed with you.
And the best part about all of this is that you’re gonna learn how exactly the snapshot can work for you so that you don’t have to.
But first I have a little surprise for you all like we had announced before.
So here it is, it’s the lead magnet that we promised with a beautiful cover and to go along with it, there’s a complete sales funnel and a lot more.
So let me just show you guys through that. Yeah.
So you’re gonna be getting two versions of the lead magnet and it’s a word doc so it’s completely editable.
You can change around the text as you’d like but let me just pop one of them open.
so this is the header image and it’s really eye catching attractive.
It will instantly capture people. and then it goes through five secrets within G. H. L.
That you can instantly enable to start seeing leads coming right away.
So things like MS called text back, calendar integration, review and reputation management, automatic automated lead nurture and a website chat widget.
So people are really gonna enjoy reading this and we’ll see the value that your sass can provide through this but we didn’t want to just stop there.
So with that lead magnet there is a complete three steps sales funnel that you can use this as your landing page.
So when you come on to here, you know, it’s very attractive, eye catching similarly.
Then you scroll down a little bit more information.
Another opt in and then you see all of the features and benefits that your sass can provide.
So I just wanted to get walk you guys through this when you press download.
Now it takes you to a second page where there is a one time offer and here you can sign up for a free trial.
So that’s another opportunity for them to engage with you a little bit further.
When you sign up for the free trial, there’s a pop up where you can enter your information, select a plan and complete that, But there’s also this here.
No, I’m fine. I don’t want more sales and more vacation time When you click that takes you to the thank you page.
where we have another opportunity for your visitors to further engage with you.
here, you can book a demo call and your visitors can book a demo call with you to go ahead and learn a little bit more about your sass.
So this sales funnel was very, very intentional in its strategy and design because through the three steps, there’s three different opportunities for a visitor to further engage with your business.
All right. So let me go back here and share with you guys what’s included.
So you get a nine page lead magnet that has two different versions.
Seven social media posts, a seven day email and SMS nurture for car abandoned emails and the three steps sales funnel each with a strategic C. T. A.
In there. So we’re super excited to get this all out to get this out to all of you guys and you’ll be receiving this update and lastly, I just wanted to say thank you to everybody on my team because this was truly a group effort from design, writing development.
it takes a whole team to put this together. So I’m really, really grateful that extend.
We, we have a strong team with us. All right. Fantastic. Thank you Sharon.
So everyone, if you guys haven’t met that was Sharon, she’s a director of operations here at extent lee And again, my name is beyond most of you guys know me and I’ve chatted with almost every one of you on a 1 to 1.
So we’re excited to share what Sharon just shared the lead magnet that we had promised.
that was coming out and it’s finally here we are not stopping there though.
We are going to be building out several more lead magnets in a similar manner where we’re studying what are some of the best performing lead capture methods.
And we’re bringing those to to the platform for you guys to use to grab more lead captures, put them into your scalable funnel into the snapshot because that’s that’s really how to enter into the snapshot right?
You’ve got to drive traffic. and once you drive traffic either to the landing page that we had originally built out and shared with you or to this lead magnet that we’ve that we’ve just built out.

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