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HIT MEET: Insights Into Customer’s Wallet #saasitup #saas #paymentgateway

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HIT MEET: Insights Into Customer’s Wallet #saasitup #saas #paymentgateway


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Hackstrap Knowledge Series webinars aim to bring businesses and entrepreneurs together for collaborating and coming up with solutions on areas of convergence.

▬ Program outline ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 Welcome Address by Moderator
6:58 The Evolution of Payment Systems
36:27 Panel Discussion
1:12:01 Q&A Session
1:23:42 Thank You Note

About 40 people attended the webinar and the recording is now being shared here.

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About Hackstrap
Hackstrap is a networking and technology platform for investors, innovators, and experts. We are on a mission to facilitate connections, build tools and technologies to empower the makers and the doers.

About the Panelists:

1. Ms. Kamalika Poddar:

An alumnus of MDI Gurgaon and a student of technology, Ms. Kamalika also brings with her extensive experience in the banking and financial sector. With a blend of her knowledge in technology and her experience in the financial sector, she will help us understand the core facets of today’s discussion.

2. Mr. Ganesh Mallya:

Possessing an expert knowledge of technology as well as having spent 18 years in the industry, Mr. Ganesh is the definition of the word industry veteran. Having completed his education from prestigious institutions like Manipal Institute of Technology and Alliance Manchester Business School, he went on to establish his company YbanQ. YbanQ is a collection, payments, and cash management tech platform which is extremely cost-effective compared to its competitors and settles the payment instantly without any delay in processing. In fact, their model is so effective that they were incorporated in the winter batch of YCombinator’s accelerator program this year.

3. Mr. Mohan K:

A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Mohan comes from a humble beginning from a remote village in Tamil Nadu from a fisherman family. At a very early age, he decided to make an impact on society by making sure his village is IT-enabled. What started from a lean 2 member startup called Roamsoft, went on to become a 60+ member strong team. Mr.Mohan co-founded a fintech startup in UAE called Foloosi which was awarded the top 20 fintech startup in the Middle East by Forbes. Having succeeded with his primary vision, Mr. Mohan went on to establish IppoPay. IppoPay is a payment aggregator for SAAS businesses that collect and accept payments from their customers. IppoPay helps offline businesses to create online stores and start selling via social media like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

4. Mr. Mukil Ganesan:

A branding wizard, Mr. Mukil brings extensive experience in digital marketing and growth strategies to the table. Having consulted for various MNC’s across UAE, US, India, Singapore, and Europe, he consolidated his experience into a book titled “The Elements of Growth”. Mr. Mukil also boasts considerable experience in the SAAS ecosystem, currently chairing as the editor of the “SAAS Insider”, an online platform that educates people on the nitty-gritty of the SAAS business.

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