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HoMedics Foot Salon Pro with Heat Boost Power Review

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HoMedics Foot Salon Pro with Heat Boost Power Review

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Product Name : HoMedics Foot Salon Pro with Heat Boost Power Review.
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Product Description :

HEAT BOOST POWER: The HoMedics Heated Foot Spa features Heat-Boost Power. This innovative technology will heat the cold water put in its basin to 98°F in minutes. Your footbath water will maintain this temperature throughout your entire massaging pedicure.

VIBRATING MASSAGE NODES & OXYGEN BUBBLES: The Pedicure Footbath was designed with 4 pressure-node rollers. The rollers provide a kneading massage to your tired arches, soles, and balls of feet. Turn on the vibration function to create fizzy oxygen bubbles to soothe tight muscles and relax overworked feet. The bubbles also promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue.

4 PEDICURE ATTACHMENTS: The Pro Footbath comes with 4 different pedicure attachments. They are conveniently stored in the built-in storage compartment on the front of the foot bath. Soften and pamper your feet with a rough pumice stone, smooth pumice stone, cleansing brush, or a massage roller.

INTEGRATED SPLASH GUARD & TOE CONTROLS: The Salon Pro was designed to feature a splash guard to help prevent splashing and spills. It also features convenient toe-touch controls. Use your toes to power your unit on, use the heat boost, or engage the bubble function.

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