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How Can BoxBrownie.com Help Boost My Real Estate Marketing?

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How Can BoxBrownie.com Help Boost My Real Estate Marketing?

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Peter Schravemade from BoxBrownie.com gives a quick overview of our editing services in this video.


👉 Virtual Staging
Virtual staging allows you to add furniture and decor into bare or unfinished spaces. Instead of posting photos of empty rooms, you can easily furnish it to level with professional designs. You can start furnishing rooms for US$32 per image and get results in just 48 hours!

👉 Image enhancement
Image enhancement includes 16 enhancement steps to ensure professional looking images that will effectively increase property interests and sale price for only US$1.60.

👉 Twilight/ Day to Dusk
We can turn any daytime images of your property’s exterior landscape to a beautiful dusk photo that’s proven to generate four times more clicks in MLS listings! Improve your branding with this edit for only US$4.

👉 Item Removal
Thanks to item removal, you won’t have to worry about decluttering and reshooting again; for only US$4 for one to two items and US$8 for 3 or more items, your listing will be ready in just 24 hours.

👉 Virtual renovation
Our newest photo editing service is the virtual renovation. With this service, you can assist buyers in visualising the property before the actual renovations, making it especially handy for unfinished properties.

👉 Render/Artist Impressions
For only US$280 starting price, you can turn blueprints and other builder’s files to excellent visuals with this service. No more guesswork for potential buyers!

👉 Floor Plan Redraws
Another visual leap for your builder’s files is our floor plan redraws which is priced from US$24 to US$32, depending on your custom work. This edit is done in a range of styles you can choose from.

👉 Others
We also offer aerial edits, 360 image enhancements, 360 virtual staging, background removal, portrait retouching, and other custom edits.

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