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How can Email Marketing Boost Shopee Sales

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How can Email Marketing Boost Shopee Sales

Start Your Free 7 Day Trial - Advertising Boost
Advertising Boost 7 Day Free Trial

Free Training for Shopee/Lazada Sellers. Join Andrew and myself to discuss how to boost Shopee/Lazada sales with effective email marketing strategies.

We’re looking for 10 business owners who want to boost sales with an effective email marketing strategy customised and developed for you by Andrew and I to boost your Shopee/ecommerce sales.

If you are running an ecommerce business and don’t have a list at all, or you have an email list but don’t know how to sell more through email, you NEED this.

We will give you a plan, and we will execute the strategy for you within 4 weeks to boost your Shopee sales with email marketing. You’ll then learn exactly how to do it by fully involved in the process.

Apply here: /

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