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How Google lead form extensions can boost your conversions

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How Google lead form extensions can boost your conversions

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Lead form extensions are a type of ad extension that allow you to attach a form to your Google search ads.

When your ad is triggered, the user will see a contact form alongside your ad, that they can fill in if they’re interested in what you’re offering.

These forms are designed to enhance the performance of your ads, by generating more leads for your business.

Lead forms should make conversions quicker and easier by allowing your customers to instantly submit their details directly within the ad itself.

By taking away the need for the customer to click onto your landing page and then get in touch with you there, you are shortening the path the conversion and taking away that extra bit of hassle.

Lead forms are also useful if you want to identify users who are interested in your products or services so that you can create a new remarketing list.

When writing your lead form’s description and call-to-action, make sure that the language matches the ad itself, and always use a native speaker of the target language to write the copy.

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