Home Advertising Boost How InMobi Helped IEC Corp Boost Daily Ad Revenues By 184% [Video Case Study]

How InMobi Helped IEC Corp Boost Daily Ad Revenues By 184% [Video Case Study]

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How InMobi Helped IEC Corp Boost Daily Ad Revenues By 184% [Video Case Study]

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Here’s how InMobi helped a leading Vietnamese gaming publisher effectively monetize their mobile gaming apps through in-app advertising!

To learn more about how InMobi and IEC Corp work together, head to and %20Corp%20Case%20Study.pdf.

Video Script:
Based in Vietnam and founded in 2016, IEC Corp makes some of the world’s most popular casual and hyper-casual mobile games. Some of their top titles include Ball Sort Puzzle and Water Sort Puzzle, which has been downloaded over 10 million times on Android devices. Their other popular titles include Ball Fit Puzzle, Pirate Attack Trigon and Cross Fight, among many others.

IEC Corp derives most of their revenue from in-app advertising, and initially they were looking to more effectively monetize their apps across all of their top geos, including the United States.

IEC Corp began working with InMobi during the second half of 2018. At the beginning, IEC Corp was solely focused on having InMobi fill demand for banner ads on a select number of apps. In 2019, IEC Corp adopted AppLovin’s MAX as their primary mediation layer. In addition, IEC Corp also began implementing interstitial and rewarded video ad units into their apps.

IEC Corp has seen tremendous results from their partnership with InMobi. Since 2018, their average daily ad revenue from InMobi has gone up by more than 184%. Not only was there a 3.7x increase in daily ad revenue from InMobi between August and November 2020, but InMobi drove a close to 250% increase in monthly ad revenue between August and November 2020. For IEC Corp, around 6.5% of all company revenue came from InMobi in October and November 2020. They are now averaging more than 500 million monthly impressions from InMobi.

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