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How KS is Boosting Its Date Production!

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How KS is Boosting Its Date Production!

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Apart from Oil, the date is a major export commodity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In terms of date production, KSA ranks one in the world. KSA produces 1.5Million Ton or 17% of the world’s annual date production of 8.8 Million Tons. In the last six years, KSA has significantly improved its date cultivation. Several date palms have gone up from 25million to 31 million, producing 300+ types of dates. KSA surpassed Egypt and Iran in production.
But the demand is mostly driven by the domestic market and UAE. It’s good news for KSA’s desert farmer that the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture (MEWA) has launched a new program to boost exports. During COVID MEWA approved holding agricultural exhibitions, with pandemic prevention measures for participants.
The demand for dates is expected to rise in the Islamic world, especially due to its importance in Ramadan fasting. The gourmet date market is growing fast and gaining share in the gift market. Value-added products like chocolate-coated or coffee-laced dates are attracting a new consumer base. To promote exports, MEWA is also exploring e-commerce, marketing studies, and campaigns around the world.
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