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How many Salesforce certifications should you get?

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How many Salesforce certifications should you get?

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Everyone is getting Salesforce certified. So how many do you actually need to stand out? In this video I analyze how many certs you should have on your resume if you’re an entry, mid, or high level Salesforce professional. I’ll also outline what order to get your certifications for your target job path: admin, developer, or architect.

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Which Salesforce certifications should you get? (Tier Ranking): />
Certifications Tier List: 9

Ultimate Salesforce Certifications Guide: /

0 to 20 certs in 2020: /

Technical Architect Pyramid: w

0:00 Introduction
1:40 How many certs do you need?
2:05 Recommended # certs: Entry level
3:25 Recommended # certs: Mid level
4:50 Recommended # certs: Senior level
5:38 What order should you get certs?
5:59 Recommended cert order: Admin
7:13 Recommended cert order: Developer
8:44 Recommended cert order: Architect
10:12 Ending

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