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How Much can you Earn in The Netherlands? 🚀 | CRM

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How Much can you Earn in The Netherlands? 🚀 | CRM

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The Salesforce economy is growing at an impressive rate, it’s expected to create more than 9.3 Million Jobs and $1.6 Trillion in New Business Revenues by 2026. I’ll show you How can you GET one of this Job that pays more than the Average Salary in The Netherlands. I’ll share How Expensive is to live in The Netherlands. Tips on Working Abroad in NL and Job Transformation, so that you can succeed in Netherlands and much more!

On this Covid & Post Covid Era, always think, Talent comes first! Respect yourself, Go for Remote, go for Hybrid, Go for Values, Go for the Company you Love, Go for your Own Thing! In a nutshell, Do What you Love, Love what you do! Go for Happiness! Don’t accept anything else 😉

That and much more on the video!
0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Welcome
02:24 – Salesforce Tracks
07:47 – How much can you Earn in The Netherlands?
14:02 – Bonus Track

Land a 50K JOB & work from ANYWHERE : CRM Consultant 🚀🧘
Top 5 Reasons to move to the Netherlands : Working Abroad
The Netherlands : Professional Transformation 2.0
Project Management : a Consultant’s perspective
Please feel free to reach out to me, if you want to know more about it. As mentioned on some of my previous video, I’m hiring, so I’ll drop my LinkedIn, so that you can connect and check the offers.

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Why ?

At the Light of the “New normal” we need to adapt and evolve faster, to achieve success! Taking that into account I decided to launch my Youtube Channel so that I can HELP and SHARE Knowledge around my expertise on CRM, Marketing & Sales Technology, Project and Program Management.

I moved from general Marketing in 2011, since then I’ve been working on digital transformation,on hybrid roles between Business and Tech, across 5 countries, leading cross cultural teams, and delivering over 40 Salesforce Projects, in Marketing, Sales and Service, while working on a daily basis with some of the biggest Salesforce consultancies in the world (Deloitte, Cap Gemini, Accenture, 4C Consulting, IBM Services and Cloud Coachers).

If you need help around the topic, or if you have questions on how to evolve career wise or if you are looking to exchange knowledge and experience, feel free to reach out!

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