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How Much Youtube Paid Us for One Month of Monetization

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How Much Youtube Paid Us for One Month of Monetization

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How much Youtube paid us for One Month of Monetization

There have been many of you who have asked us how much we make on our Youtube channel now that we’ve been monetized, so we decided to make a video explaining Youtube monetization and how it works, as well as explain how much Youtube paid us for your first month of monetization.

There are a few different ways you get paid from Youtube. The first is when Youtube runs ads on your video. When these ads are played on your video both Youtube and your channel split the revenue. I don’t believe it’s an even split, I thinks it’s 60% – 40% split.

You also can make money from Super Chats and Super Stickers. When someone sends you a Super Chat or a Super Sticker, Youtube keeps 30% of the revenue and the channel keeps the other 70%.

Again this is just our first month of monetization on Youtube, these numbers are just starting to come together. We’ll do an update video in the next couple of months and we can see how much has changed.

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