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How to approach hiring as a SaaS Business!

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How to approach hiring as a SaaS Business!


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As a SaaS founder, understanding your role in the hiring process can either create a competitive advantage for your company OR tie up all your time.

And the fact of the matter is, you’re probably doing too much.

“80% done by someone else, is 100% effing awesome.” This is a quote from my mentor, Dan Martel, and probably a familiar name to you if you’ve been in the SaaS world for a while. Dan brings this up to me all the time because I tend to manage more projects than I should.

And that’s our reality as founders! We hold onto more tasks than we really need to! Tying up our time with affairs that could be handled by qualified team members, instead of focusing on what we’re actually good at – product, revenue, and generating leads.

In order for the company to grow, you need to learn WHAT responsibilities to hand off, WHO is qualified to hand those off to, and WHEN to actually recruit.

For hiring, there’s a right way to think about when to recruit, and when to hand off certain tasks to your employees. We’ll need to break the Sourcing and Screening process into two different parts…

1. Initial Sourcing and Screening
2. Final Screening Selection

As the CEO, your role in the hiring process should only be interviewing and hiring the high level candidates. The rest of the front end of the hiring funnel should be handed off to a qualified employee.

For your business to GROW, there are things you need to get out of the way of, and things you need to have your hands on. You can start by downloading our free guide on how to get our competitive master plan for creating a hiring process, that will give you an advantage from your competitors.

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