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How To Boost Ecommerce Sales: 10+ Proven Tactics

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How To Boost Ecommerce Sales: 10+ Proven Tactics

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Finding ways to boost ecommerce sales is almost always a priority for online business owners.
It can be tempting to spend on paid ads, but this may not necessarily be the best way to optimize your sales funnel. In fact, some of the most successful ecommerce sale strategies come from leveraging the power of your audience, UX, and customer services.
If you’re trying to learn how to boost ecommerce sales on a budget, your search ends here.
This article will explore 12 proven ways to grow ecommerce sales with either free or low-cost solutions.
1. Build an email list
Regardless of your niche, an email list will be the best way to ensure long-term growth goals.
Capture visitor emails with popups, embeds, bars, and signup forms scattered throughout your store. In exchange for their email address, you can offer your visitors incentives to join your newsletter, like discounts or product information.
This popup from chocolatier To’ak is an excellent example, generating an 18% conversion rate. Over time, the company was able to increase email generated revenue by a whopping 460%, 39% of which was through automated emails.
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2. Set up automatic email marketing campaigns
If you want your email list to help you boost ecommerce sales, you’ll need to have an email marketing strategy firmly in place.
Start with a simple sequence consisting of a welcome email and a weekly newsletter containing news, promos or offers. These should have at least a few standardized characteristics:
Develop email segmentation parameters for better marketing results
Remember that the end goal of a welcome email is to convert subscribers
If possible, create a welcome email template to help streamline future changes
As time goes on, you might want to start making your newsletter more substantial, particularly as your subscriber count grows. Understand all newsletter best practices as you start refining your strategy, which will assist in boosting ecommerce sales.
This campaign from Crocs is one of the most effective types of welcome email examples, adding plenty of value within a small space.
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3. Display customer reviews in prominent places
In a competitive online world, reviews act as a type of social proof. In fact, 87% of customers read reviews before choosing to buy from a local business, up from 67% in 2010. Plus, product pages with embedded customer reviews have a 3.5 times higher conversion rate than those without.
Displaying reviews in prominent places such as product pages, menus, and checkout areas can significantly increase customer confidence.
This example from Kerrits shows the average user rating directly under the product, plus a quick method of reading user reviews. This is a quick, extremely low cost tactic to increase ecommerce sales.
Don’t have any customer reviews yet?
No problem. Emails are a great way to ask for reviews, and these tips to create a product review email will have you collecting them regularly.
4. Recover abandoned carts with emails
Abandoned carts are a serious challenge for ecommerce businesses. The average abandonment rate is just under 70%, meaning only three in ten shoppers will actually purchase your product. But not all is lost. A cart abandonment email campaign can help you to bring those visitors back to your site and boost ecommerce sales.
Abandonment emails have the potential to teach you how to grow ecommerce businesses the right way. Here are some tips that will help you get started:
Send the first email an hour after abandonment, the second message 12 hours later, and the third 24 hours after that.
Use high conversion keywords in your subject line.
Feature the abandoned product in your email….

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