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How to boost Facebook posts 2017

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How to boost Facebook posts 2017

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Facebook Ads | How to Boost Your Post on Facebook to Increase Engagement

Hi Paul here from PRwilson Media your social media personal trainer. Now if you’ve got a Facebook business page, inevitably people will be telling you, you’ve got to use Facebook ads, you’ve got to do sponsored posts, where do you start? Well a great place to start is to the boost post option because Facebook does a lot of the work for you. You can manage the budget , it’s simple to do and I’ll show you now how it’s done. Here we go.

So here we are on a Facebook page and if I scroll down to a couple of the posts so you can see this one has had a significant amount of engagement and lots of likes. So that would be ideal normally for a boost post but the problem is that the picture that’s used actually contains quite a lot of text and Facebook is pretty strict with adverts if it’s more than 20% text it won’t recommend you boosting the post, because it won’t reach as many people as you’d like.

So I’m just going to go to one that is a bit more recent. Let’s have a look here – this mother’s day one and I’ll say ok I’ve got some likes there so let’s see if we can reach some more people. So I click boost post. The first thing clearly to point out is that you would have to have added some sort of payment details to Facebook already. That could be a credit card or whatever it is. So that’s a pre-requisite to this, but obviously once you’ve got that you can then go ahead and set up as many of these boosted posts as you like. So this is what it would look like in the desktop. And then you can see what it looks like in the mobile format

And there’s basically 3 main options. People you choose yourselves , people who have liked your page. You might think well surely they will be seeing the content anyway but the truth is that they will see less and less because if they are engaging with it , they are fine, but otherwise Facebook will say well these people haven’t seen this content for a while I’m not showing them it.

So a good option actually to go for is people who liked the page and their friends as well. It’s a good combination , the one I typically go for. You can be a bit more narrow on the location than just UK wide. So I can edit here , I’l just say in this case Newark Nottingham England, so that’s in the area and you can drop a pin to within wherever you want the radius to be. So this is quite a clever little trick.

And the next thing to think about as well as the audience is the budget and duration. So already it has selected £17 which I’m not interested in , I want to keep it to something more like £2 so instead I change to “Choose your own” I’ll set £2 and I’ll say it will reach this number of people , obviously it’s going to reach slightly fewer people and when you are happy with that (obviously you select your own currency so in the US it would be US dollars) That’s submitted to be reviewed – it should normally be within 10 , 15 minutes it will start to take effect. So let me just show you an example of a boosted post.

So this is a boosted post from a snacks business that’s also got a very targeted localized audience. You can see in the results that nearly 3/4 of the entire results were due to the boost. It only cost £4 so money well spent in terms of the engagement and the people that were booking on this particular promotion.

And so, the important things to remember are that you can control the budget and you can also turn these boosted posts on and off. If it’s not working, if you are not getting the results you want you can just switch them off. And you can set a limit , a total spending limit as well. So I hope that’s been helpful, just a quick insight into using boosted posts , play around with them , see what works best and check out my Facebook playlist of videos , check out all my resources here on the YouTube channel , would love you to subscribe , would love to see in the comments below whether you found it helpful or if there are any other particular videos you would like to see in the near future. So I’m Paul from PRwilson Media your social media personal trainer. Cheers

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