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How To Boost Facebook Posts – Advertising For Contractors

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How To Boost Facebook Posts – Advertising For Contractors

Boosting Facebook posts will help your contracting company generate leads with your ideal demographic. Boosting a Facebook post helps get your brand and your work in front of the potential customers you want to work with.

Before you can boost a post, you have to make sure your Facebook business profile is up to par. That includes your logo as your profile picture, an industry specific cover photo, and an about the company section. People love to hear about the journey, so write about your story!

Next, you want to post a collection of photos and videos of your work and make sure all you points of contact are up to date so potential customers can get a hold of you. People want to reach out to you so let them!

When you want to boost a post, just post the piece of content regularly first and leave it up for a few days. See how it does, if people respond to it and react, then boost it. If they don’t, than that’s not the post to boost.

Finally, the most important thing about boosting Facebook posts is to make sure you boost the post to your target demographic. The more specific you can be, the better leads you will generate. Target the right age groups, location, and related industries.

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