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How to boost Libido in men and women – Doctor explains

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How to boost Libido in men and women – Doctor explains

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In this video we will cover: how to increase your libido. In addition we will discuss several causes of a low libido and how to treat and improve it. This video will be suitable for men and women, so pay attention!

A large part of your libido is subjective and up to you and your partner, if you have one. This means that some people and some couples are happy with sex once a month and others are unhappy with sex 5 times a week.
However, because we always think the grass is greener elsewhere, I will provide you with some concrete numbers. I found a medical study from 2017 which studied the sexual behaviour of 26,000 people. On average it seems that adults are having sex 54 times a year.
Although there were some significant difference in age groups. It seems the older you get, the lower your sex drive.

How to boost your libido?
Your libido depends on many factors. Sex is a multidimensional experience which requires a balanced mental, physical and emotional state and in this balance lies your solution.

1. First of all reduce stress. As you might know stress can cause many health problems but may also contribute to a lower sex drive.

2. Secondly, become comfortable with your intimate self. You could do this by exploring your own body. Which will help you to become more familiar with your body, your desires and the things that please you.

3. Next up, limit your alcohol consumption. Drinking just one glass may help to set the mood and increase your interest, but drinking too many will surely not help.

4. Tip number 4 focusses on your sleep schedule, as low energy seems to equal a lower sex drive. Make sure you maintain a regular sleep schedule and get sufficient sleep.

5. If relevant one of the most effective ways to fix a low libido is to improve your relationship with your partner.

6. Lastly, a low libido can be caused by several health problems. I will explain these in depth in an other video. You can find that video here:

Playlist for sex related medical problems: />
Most common causes of a low libido: k

– Disclaimer: this video and the comments are meant purely informational! This is not medical advice! If you are looking for medical advice always contact your own doctor. –

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