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How to ‘boost’ the success of your social media advertising

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How to ‘boost’ the success of your social media advertising

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Social media has changed the way businesses communicate with their customers. The global pandemic has reinforced this and the need for all businesses to utilise social media platforms and their features have drastically increased. In the last year we have seen a 40% rise in the number of people using social media on a daily basis, so we know that your customers who weren’t there before, might be there now. But, this statement is also true of your competitors. Maybe before the pandemic, they weren’t using social media, maybe you weren’t, but they (and you) probably are now. In 2020, Facebook announced they had ten million active advertisers using the platform to promote their products and services, a three million increase from the previous year, so how do you make sure your ads stand out from the crowd?

Danni Johnson From Xpand Marketing will be Joining Michael Edwards from The Northern Affinity to discuss , Why you should consider running paid social campaigns, The most common mistakes made with social ads and how to combat them and Recommendations for people starting out.

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