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How to Boost Your Affiliate Commissions

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How to Boost Your Affiliate Commissions

In the ideal world of affiliate marketing for beginners or newbie’s, there is hope to make money online by following simple steps. These steps are an important part of the ‘cogwheel’ so to speak to showcase merchant’s products by becoming an affiliate and marketing these products to an interested audience.

Best Programs

From my knowledge and understanding of affiliate programs, the best affiliate commission structure is a highly respectable Company that promises to pay on time each month and has an ongoing renewable payout. For example, there are affiliate programs that will pay the affiliate every month as long as the interested buyer remains in the program and renews the membership.

Having said that, there are factors to consider. You can expect competition, especially if other affiliates are promoting the same program. The question is. How do you stand out amongst the crowd? For me the answer lies within your skill and talent to write reports or eBooks that can be downloaded from your site for free. People love getting something for free especially if the potential product has a solution to a problem.

Intelligent online marketers use the free bonus eBooks as the first step as an enticement. By focusing on the targeted market you can provide quality content to the specific audience by using an auto responder service. This service delivers the interested quality material to the consumers email box everyday, 3 times per week or once a week. The Company I prefer to use is Aweber. They provide excellent service and a quality payout renewable Affiliate program.

With respect to the potential customer, you can imagine all the emails that flow into a persons email box everyday. So with consistency to deliver the valuable content with ‘eye catching phrases’, it is the hope, that customers will, at some point buy your product or service. One eye-catching phrase, which I see occasionally in my email box, relates to the word ‘Its Payday’.

What’s more, you have a customer for life provided they do not unsubscribe or want a refund. If the first contact is done properly (I mean with no hype of salesmanship) but a warm pre-selling approach, you can expect a list of interested loyal customers.

As mentioned previously, the auto responder service is the key to your deliverability as an online entrepreneur to reap the rewards. You may not only make one sale but many (backend) sales over time. If you have the goods to deliver, each customer will keep coming back. The focus is on quality content emotionally important to the reader. Your reader will be attached to your product, item, service or content.

Furthermore, I must add that within your free eBook, you must have affiliate links amongst your text information so that you can direct your potential customer to the vendors website. The vendor will pay you a percentage of the profits when the customer makes a sale.
Pay Per Click Ads

As an entrepreneur your goal everyday is to use marketing methods with free advertising such as article marketing, YouTube videos, Social media (Face book, Twitter) visiting forums and blogs that are in your niche and make relevant comments. This in turn creates back links to your website a building block asset for future growth.

Equally important are PPC campaigns via Google ad words to promote your products. All though this can be expensive advertising, you can be assured to get traffic to your website. With a monthly fee, some companies will drive traffic directly to your website.

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