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How to Boost your Online Presence and E-Hireability for Job Applications #shorts

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How to Boost your Online Presence and E-Hireability for Job Applications #shorts

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Building your online presence and improving your e-hireability online is key. The reality is, employers can see your public profiles on social media, whether that be Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. This process is often called social media screening in recruitment. It is crucial as a result to develop your online profiles and online presence. This can help not only when you have applied for a role, but also when employers are actively seeking out employees, which is often the case in spaces such as LinkedIn. With a more complete and professional profile, this increases the likelihood that the employer will be interested in exploring your application further. Failing to tidy this public information up on social media can cost someone their job. In this video we help you boost your e-hireability online, with top social media and linkedIn profile tips.

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