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How to Boost Your Post on Facebook for Musicians

by admin
How to Boost Your Post on Facebook for Musicians

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How do you boost a post in Facebook? Why would you want to? What are some best practices to follow to get results from your ad spend?

In this video, we’re going to take a look at a few simple steps you can follow to maximize the results of your posts on Facebook.

Video Highlights:
00:00 Hi, this is David Andrew Wiebe with The Music Entrepreneur…
00:04 Today I want to show you how to boost a post in Facebook
00:17 Why you should boost a post that’s performing well
00:40 Items you need to boost your posts
01:28 Facebook tracks audience data and insights
01:33 How to choose a post to boost
02:08 Boosting a post
02:27 Targeting your audience
02:57 My favorite targeting options
03:39 Budget and duration
03:57 Setting the duration for your ad
04:20 Adjusting your budget
05:16 Estimated people reached based on budget and duration
05:25 Why you need to keep your expectations realistic
05:49 Tracking conversions and choosing a pixel
06:01 Payment information
06:08 Once set up, click “Boost”
06:12 The approval of your ad

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