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How To Boost Your SEO with Google Reviews

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How To Boost Your SEO with Google Reviews

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Hey guys, Joe Burnich with Big West Marketing, helping you simplify all this internet marketing stuff so you can take your small business to the next level. In this short video, I want to talk about how to boost your SEO using Google reviews. So let’s get started with that right now.

Okay, so Google reviews, you know, they’re tough to get. You’ve got to really work at asking clients to leave reviews for you. Send out emails, send out text messages, get those good Google reviews coming into your business. But once they’re there, the game is not over, okay? So to really help Google understand that you are the real deal and that you really care about your clients, what you need to do is actually respond to your reviews. So I was doing a Google my business optimization, a little service that we offer. I was doing that for this company, and let’s show my screen, Prestige Maintenance Crew. And I was looking, and I was going through the reviews to make sure that they responded to the reviews, and they did. And so I just wanted to show you, I was so impressed with the way that they responded that I wanted to show you guys, and it’s going to help both with clients that read reviews, which is a lot, a lot of people are reading reviews online these days. Think about Amazon and Yelp and Google. I mean, it’s a big deal.

So he’s got 16 reviews. Not a lot yet, but he’s working hard to get more, but one thing he’s doing right, look at this guys, is he’s responding to every single person that leaves a review, okay? Positive or negative, you want to leave a response, and in the positive reviews, you want to leave a response that is very appreciative. You want to tell people how much you appreciate their business and how much you thank them for their business. When you do that, Google sees that, but other people also see that that might be thinking about calling you. They see that. They’re going to be like, this person really cares about his clients. That’s the kind of person I want to work with. So it’s super important.

Let’s look at a couple of examples here. He’s saying, thank you very much. I appreciate you taking the time to write this review. Thank you for considering us for the job. So he’s showing appreciation for this, and he’s done that for every single one of these 16 reviews that he’s got here. You know, I appreciate it. Let’s see, he even calls them out by name. He uses their first name, which is really good. It’s really warm, and I just really was impressed with this. So learn from this, guys. If you want one more little thing you can do to boost your rankings on Google, then this is it. This is one of those things you can do. Every time you get a review, go in there and immediately leave a response, and then show appreciation. That’s all I have for you today. If you have any questions, give us a call, 406-493-1881, or go to bigwestmarketing.com, book your free consultation, and I will talk to you soon.

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