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How To Build A SaaS Product That People Love

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How To Build A SaaS Product That People Love

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How To Build A SaaS Product | Want to know how to build an app or SaaS product people love? In this video, I share a three phase process I use that can help you save time and money. I also explain why building a landing page to collect email addresses is NOT the right way to validate.

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Last week I had a call with Jamie.

Jamie was excited about his startup idea.

He even went as far as building a fully functioning product.

It had a great marketing site and a decent looking pricing page.

Now, when I looked at the pricing I knew something was off.

He wasn’t charging enough to build a Growth Engine.

The prices were less than $10 dollars per month AT THE HIGH END and it was a business to business SAAS product.

There’s no way he’d be able to acquire customers on that little revenue.

So I asked about customers – very few – I’m guessing less than 10.

Then I asked how long he’d been working on the startup for?

3 years!?!

Wow… what had he learned in that time? What progress did he make other than building features?

Very little.

Here’s why I know Jamie is wrong, and you’re wrong about your startup.

Because we ALL are.

It’s one of my core beliefs when starting a business.

I know I’m wrong about some aspect of the business model.

Which part? I don’t know… but that’s the starting point.

In this week’s video, I want to share with you 3 strategies to help you avoid false positive validation and get customers faster.

I go over 3 strategies that will help you generate revenues FASTER! Here they are:

1. Clickable Prototype
2. EAP Strategy

I shared these with Jamie to help him reset his roadmap and use these strategies to fix his product positioning AND business model.

Strategy #3 alone would have saved him years of going sideways not making any progress.

Now it’s your turn… what assumption about your business did you have that turned out wrong? Leave a comment with your story here!

Here’s to learning fast!

With gratitude,

– Dan

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