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How to Build a SaaS Sales Playbook

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How to Build a SaaS Sales Playbook

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SaaS Sales Playbook
Following the huge success of our digital sales playbook built in Microsoft OneNote we have recreated that playbook with a focus on SaaS. This video provides a step by step guide on How to Build a SaaS Sales Playbook using our free template built in Microsoft Word.
You can access the template here

We’ve chosen to build the SaaS Playbook in Microsoft Word as many users do not have access to OneNote or found it difficult to load the template into the OneNote application. This new SaaS playbook is super easy to edit and opens immediately in Microsoft Word to help you get started.

Our SaaS Playbook contains over 50 pages of tools, templates and guides ready to customise to your individual organisations needs. The tools and templates are the exct ones we use with our own clients as we help them build their businesses.

The Playbook comprises a series of “Chapters” including:
Your Company
Your Industry
Sales Tools
Your Customers
Sales Process
Sales Plays
Sales Stories
Content Hub

Each section within the playbook has pages with information, tools and tips to help you customise the template.

You can find more resources and information on SaaS via our website at www.klozers.com
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