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How to build an outbound Sales strategy in 60 days | SaaS Conferences | SaaStock 2016

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How to build an outbound Sales strategy in 60 days | SaaS Conferences | SaaStock 2016


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Keynote at SaaStock16: Bastiaan Janmaat – CEO at DataFox

In his presentation at SaaStock16 Bastiaan Janmaat, CEO and Co-Founder at Datafox, explains how they left it too late to set up their outbound Sales Strategy. He outlines their 4 step approach to turn things around:

– Pick the right companies to go after
– Build a relationship by taking a personalised approach
– Incentivise your reps to do the right things that you want them to do
– Support your sales team with collateral and marketing efforts to educate your future customers

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