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How to Create GIF Stickers to Boost Your Instagram Stories

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How to Create GIF Stickers to Boost Your Instagram Stories

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This week we’re looking at Instagram, its growing potential as a marketing platform, and share how to create and use your own story stickers on Instagram to expand your own reach and business potential.

Instagram has become the New World of social media marketing. Not because of the number of users but because of their behavior.

It’s this behavior that has made Instagram a major influencer in its own right.

Over 60% of users log into Instagram daily, most of them to post stories. This makes it the second most engaged social network after Facebook.

You may recall that last week, we explained the significance of Google’s decision to favor mobile versions of websites/pages in search results, making mobile responsive design to more important than ever. Needless-to-say, Instagram, predominantly used on mobile and by adults, played a big part in this shift. 

And we’re only starting to get the picture.
Reach seems to not only be easier to obtain on Instagram than on Facebook, once obtained, but it is also more valuable.

Businesses that have realized this and have already begun marketing on Instagram claim that they get up to 37% of their total impressions from Instagram Stories. 

Kinsta recently pointed out that “about 60% of Instagram users say they’ve discovered new products through the app, while 72% of users say they have purchased a product they saw on the app.”

Most of the businesses we’re discussing are related to things that are visual to include web design, and…, yes, like Elementor as well.

We’ve been running our own experiments with Instagram stories. Of course, we’ve been having a lot of fun in the process, but who said that you couldn’t have fun to get results? 

And, boy, did we get results.

Our Instagram account is currently at 18 thousand plus followers and rapidly growing.

Creating stickers like these allowed us to strengthen our brand identity further while expanding our creative assets. In fact, one of our stickers got over 25 million views!

But wouldn’t it be better to share the knowledge of how to similar results? After all, isn’t that what makes a community great?

We want to share how we used GIF stickers on Instagram to generate social impact so that you too can benefit from our knowledge and experience, and by following the same process, perhaps expand your following to similar numbers, if not more!

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