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How to Effectively Scale Your Facebook Ad Campaign

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How to Effectively Scale Your Facebook Ad Campaign

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When running fb advertising campaigns, you’ll notice that some of your campaigns will be performing well and some others not as well.

When campaigns don’t perform as well, you can choose to switch them off or fine tune them. But when campaigns are performing well, the logical next step is to scale them.

There are 4 main ways you can scale your good performing Facebook advertising campaigns.

The first one and the most popular way of scaling fb advertising campaigns is by increasing your budget. To do so, you would simply go to the ad set level of your Facebook ad campaign, and click on “edit” next to the ad set that you want to scale, and add more budget.

However, don’t expect to experience the exact same results.

The reason why you can’t expect the exact same results by simply increasing your budget is because when you add more budget, Facebook will of course start showing your ads to more people, but these additional people might not be as qualified. In fact, they could be less qualified. And by showing your fb ads to more but potentially less qualified people, means that your fb ads might not perform as well.

So although increasing your budget to scale your fb advertising campaigns is definitely something you should do, remember that it won’t guarantee you experience the exact same results.

The second way to scale your Facebook ad campaign is by creating more fb ads. The more ad variations you create the more likely you’ll increase your results. Simply start by looking at the best performing fb ads, and create the exact same ones, but change the images.
For example, should you be advertising a book and the image you’ve used that has performed well is the image of the book, you could test images of you holding the book.

You can also create more fb ads by taking the best performing ads and changing the headlines and introducing new headlines. When you do, this will allow Facebook to test more ads and start displaying the best performing ones so you can experience more results and faster.

The third way to scale your Facebook ad campaign is by introducing new target audiences. So if certain audiences have performed well, simply create new target audiences and display the best performing ads to these new audiences.
You can create more audiences by either testing new demographics such as their gender, age and location or by testing other interests.

The fourth way to scale your Facebook ad campaign is by creating more offers, similar to the one that is performing well. For example, if your Facebook campaign is driving traffic to a lead capture page, offering a free report on Intermittent Fasting for example, you could create another free report about water fasting for example.

The key is looking at the offer that is converting the best and finding other similar offers that could perform just as well or better.

The fifth way to scale your Facebook campaign is through retargeting. If some of your Facebook campaigns are performing well and you are getting the leads or the sales you want, you can allocate additional budget to retargeting the people who converted into leads or sales.
For example, if your successful Facebook campaign generated 100 leads, and you want to get more out of your Facebook advertising results, what you can do, is create other ads for these 100 people, but this time offering them something to buy. The chances of generating sales from showing your ads to 100 existing leads are much higher than your chances of generating sales from showing your ads to a bigger, but cold audience. Since the 100 people are pre-qualified, since they already are familiar with your brand and have already expressed an interest in your offer, the chances of them buying something from you when you offer them something to buy through a Facebook ad is much higher than if you asked people who have never heard of you before to buy from you. This is why allocating some budget for retargeting ads is a good idea when you want to scale your Facebook advertising efforts, because your chances of experiencing a higher and faster return on investment are higher.

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