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How To Evaluate a Great Enterprise SaaS Sales Person

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How To Evaluate a Great Enterprise SaaS Sales Person

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Don’t want to pay someone a huge base salary just so they can drag their feet? In this video, I teach you how to evaluate an incredible enterprise SaaS salesperson that will get you new customers.

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Nightmare scenario:

You just spent 30 mins delivering an amazing product demo.

The guy on the other end of the Zoom call is all hot and bothered.

Loves your solution. Sees the value. Wants it yesterday.

So you go in for the close…

Only to find that the person you just cancelled lunch plans for doesn’t have the budget or the authority to make the decision… and will have to “get back to you”.

Shoot me now.

Reality is, that scenario plays out all the time, and highlights the single most important criteria you need to look for when evaluating an enterprise SaaS sales person.

In a complex web of end users and decision makers… can your salesperson pull a Liam Neeson and hunt down the actual buyer?

Sure, it sucks if that opening scenario happens to you every now and then…

But when it happens to that enterprise sales person you just hired on a six figure base salary…

Well, that’s just downright crippling.

In this week’s video I breakdown the 6 key steps for evaluating one of your company’s most important early hires.

At a high level, here’s what you’re looking for to make sure you get a massive ROI on your enterprise SaaS sales person:

1. Navigating decision hierarchies in large organizations
2. Find the buyer ASAP
3. Articulate your value prop
4. Handling objections
5. Can they position you?
6. Know how to deal with IT

I also share a really cool technique inspired by Chet Holmes (Ultimate Sales Machine) for testing whether or not your potential new hire will crack under objections.

It’s a super effective filtering mechanism for weeding out potential hires before they bloat your overhead and blow the sale.

Give it a watch now and let me know in the comments if you a) currently have a sales person on payroll and b) what criteria/evaluation process has worked well for you.

Dan “I will hunt you down” Martell

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