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How to gamify your SaaS User Onboarding

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How to gamify your SaaS User Onboarding


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Doing Onboarding experiments is more than helpful. Salesflare did 2 of those:
1. Walkthrough first
Show the product before the user creates an account
2. Gamified setup guide
Guide & incentivize people through the setup steps
The better the setup, the higher the conversion…and the lower the churn as well in the long run!

The interviewee: Jeroen Corthout Co-Founder & CEO Salesflare.
He has a strong background in sales through agencies and in software. He believes that software can definitely be more human and that is the way he approaches User onboarding as well.
He is building an easier and more automated CRM

The interviewer: Aggelos Mouzakitis is the founder of Growth Sandwich. He created Growth Sandwich, back in 2017 with a sole vision: to help promising early-stage teams get their products to market in a solid manner. He has worked or trained more than 500 marketers and founders on how to get to the market with the right mix of tactics and a product that drives engagement and happiness.

About Growth Sandwich: Growth Sandwich is the first European Product-led Go-to-Market Strategy agency. We specialize in helping SaaS products and businesses that operate in the subscription economy. Our approach is 100% customer-centric and we help post-Product/Market fit companies establish a repeatable selling motion and recurring revenues.

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