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How to Generate Leads with Marketing Boost

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How to Generate Leads with Marketing Boost

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How to Generate Leads with Marketing Boost. – Hi this is Joe Kaufman and today I am going to show you a webinar that I did on how to generate leads on Facebook with Incentive Marketing. Facebook is a very powerful advertising platform for business owners. If you are looking to generate exclusive leads Facebook is probably one of the best platforms to do so.

Mainly because you can be really specific with your targeting so you can place your offering in front of the perfect prospect. I run a successful insurance agency in Missouri but it does not matter what business or service you provide you will benefit from this video.

Incentive Marketing has been around for many years and the big companies have been using this to their advantage. Now smaller business owners can take advantage of this with a program called Marketingboostjoin.com. In this webinar one of the owner of the companies Marketing Boost does a sales success webinar with me where I share some of my best tactics for using the program.

Over the years we have generated thousands of leads for our agency and taught other business owners how to self generate their own lead. There is nothing in the world like generating an exclusive Facebook lead from scratch. These are all people who have an interest in your business and want to talk to you about how you can help them.

We know this through our targeting and the incentive just gives them the push in your direction to take action. I particularly like the vacations that we are able to give away. With marketingboostjoin.com you can give a 4 Day 3 Night Vacation Voucher away and all they have to pay is the Gov’t taxes on it. There is NO TIMESHARE presentation that they have to sit through to redeem it.

I have had over 600 people redeem these trips and went on them as well. If you are a business owner and especially an insurance agent feel free to reach out to me via text at 636-293-9498 so we can show you how to implement this Facebook Ad Strategy in your business. You will be able to turn the campaigns on and off with your phone and literally watch them pour in.

To my insurance agents out there we are using this program to generate exclusive home and auto insurance leads, Life insurance leads and business insurance leads.

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