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How to Hackathon with TechnologyOne

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How to Hackathon with TechnologyOne


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Join us the day before Hackathon 2022 for a How to Hackathon talk from Matt Deshon, our TechnologyOne representative and one of our Hackathon 2022 judges!

Come along to learn about how hackathons work, get some tips and tricks, and maybe even find some inspiration for your own hackathon projects!

Matt has worked in the software industry for over 25 years, in a variety of roles from R&D to technical consulting and even presales. He led the team that built the first SaaS platform at TechnologyOne in 2012, was Techone’s first R&D Evangelist in 2015, and is now the General Manager for Product Practices, defining the methodologies TechnologyOne use to deliver our enterprise solutions. Matt is a UQ alumnus, with a BSc in Computer Science, and wishes that UQCS had existed when he was on campus.

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