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How to Impress Senior Management in Informal Conversations

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How to Impress Senior Management in Informal Conversations


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When we think about how senior people perceive us, we tend to focus on the formal interactions where we’re presenting something. In those situations, we’re really prepared because we know we’re going to be “on stage”.

But how about informal interactions? What if somebody senior simply asks you, “So, what’s going on?” or “Hey, what’s up?”

Informal, casual interactions are equally important as formal meetings. Maybe more so.

So, how do you answer to make a great impression?

In this week’s blog post, I share the strategy I’ve used to prepare for informal conversations and make the best of them.

Use this strategy to take huge advantage of those informal situations that inevitably arise. It’s simple to implement, and it helped me progress to senior positions.

It can help you, too, to be perceived as someone who’s ready to take on a top role.

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