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How to improve Demand Gen for your SaaS business, with Chris Walker (Refine Labs) | SaaS Marketing

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How to improve Demand Gen for your SaaS business, with Chris Walker (Refine Labs) | SaaS Marketing


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This episode’s guest is – Chris Walker, Founder & CEO, Refine Labs. Chris shares his playbook on how to improve demand gen for your SaaS business.

Demand Gen is one of the most important areas of any SaaS business, however, it’s also one of the most overlooked and under-invested areas.

That’s because many SaaS founders don’t know how to effectively measure success and quantify ROI.

Some key highlights from the conversation that helps Founders to scale their SaaS business

🚀 Taking on LinkedIn channel early-on and being consistent since day 1
🚀 How to measure success, and how to build a team around demand gen.

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About Chris Walker :

Chris Walker is the Founder and CEO of Refine Labs, a progressive demand generation agency that challenges the status quo in B2B marketing. Refine Labs executes tactics that align with how consumers actually buy instead of generating fruitless leads. Before launching Refine Labs, Chris led marketing at two B2B firms where he built the foundation of his unique perspective on demand generation. Chris also hosts the State of Demand Gen podcast where he shares tangible advice and tactics alongside today’s top B2B marketers.

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