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How to Inspire Creativity and Boost Marketing Results with Anna Furmanov

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How to Inspire Creativity and Boost Marketing Results with Anna Furmanov

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Funky Marketing is a podcast in which we’re talking with entrepreneurs, marketers, advertisers, designers, artists, and all those people that are doing a good job for good people.

It is organized by Funky Marketing (
Your host is Nemanja Zivkovic ( CEO, and Founder of Funky Marketing.

In this episode, our guest was Anna Furmanov. ( Ever since she was a child, Anna has been a creator. She loves to paint, build, design, and communicate. She also enjoys understanding people and what makes them tick.
She helps startups and marketing teams implement marketing programs that drive revenue.

Anna has 10+ years of marketing experience at big-name brands (Groupon, Blistex, Del Monte Foods), SMBs, and startups. She has led marketing at two tech startups.

After that, she has started up her own marketing consultancy so that she could reach more startups and SMBs.

Her sweet spot: Seed, Series A or Series B funded startups, and understanding the kind of marketing you need at a 10-person versus a 150-person startup to hit your growth numbers.

You can find out more about what Anna does on the link

We talked about many things. Expect a conversation around topics such as:
1. How to prioritize marketing efforts for startups
2. How to start a company during the pandemic and with kids ages 4 and 6 (!)
3. What’s been transformational about her journey.. It’s very different to start your own thing vs. marketer in corporate; hint: it has to do with a personal brand
4. Create a 1-page marketing plan your whole team understands and can reference
5. She has been posting 3x per week on LI and still able to gain followers and profile views – very doable!
6. Marketers need both the time (and space) to think. To dwell. To be creative. This “think time” can sometimes feel scarce, especially when you’re in a full-time “all hands on deck” role. And especially if the entire family is home! So how do you work this time in?

Enjoy the conversation!

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