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How To Introduce Your Practice The Right Way – Big Boost Marketing

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How To Introduce Your Practice The Right Way – Big Boost Marketing

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If you’ve ever gone on a first date, you know the amount of excessive planning that goes into making the right first impression.

After all, the first date determines whether there will ever be a second, third or fourth date.

The same is true for your website… and yet, it baffles me when I see so many practitioners drop the ball big time.
Let me explain.

Imagine you meet somebody for the first time at a party…. the equivalent of a prospective patient visiting your website for the first time.

You could consider them requesting a lead magnet as being the equivalent to agreeing to a first date with you…. so what do you do after they’ve given you their email address and are taken to the thankyou page after optin?

If you’re smart, you feature a video on autoplay that takes them through three specific phases.

Before I go over the three phases in that video, let’s talk about why you should use video in the first place.

Your prospective patients expect to tap into your wisdom, curated information along the lead magnet topic.

Your goal is to create connection, intimacy – establishing rapport that gets you to a second date.

And there’s nothing better than video to create connection online… your viewers can hear and see you, and frankly, nobody wants to read these days.

So, what’s the structure of the video?

In part 1, you congratulate them on taking action.

In part 2, you start to create connection, show empathy, & revitalize their mind 

In part 3, you continue to serve them, giving them different calls to action on what to do next.

If you need help on what to say in your welcome video, click here to download our thankyou page script… including several different calls to action based on what applies to you and your practice:

How To Introduce Your Practice The Right Way (And Get Your Audience To Like & Trust You Immediately)
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• How most practitioners botch their first interaction with website visitors… and what you need to tweak to remedy this in as little as 60 minutes
• The secret to rock your thankyou video after optin… and the 4 call-to-actions you should consider
• How our clients multi-purpose their welcome video… so they can use it in different ways on different platforms

About Big Boost Marketing
We help health professionals (for example MDs, NDs, chiropractors, health coaches, nutritionists or allied health professionals) attract, nurture and convert more prospects into patients, so they can focus on their clinical craft and become the the go-to expert in their community.

Have You Ever Wondered…

[+] How can I position my practice as the go-to choice in my community?
[+] How can I attract more of the right patients that are easier to work with?
[+] How can I automate more of the patient nurture and pre-education (so I don’t have to repeat myself all the time)?

We have worked with hundreds of practitioners and organizations in the holistic, integrative, functional medicine ecosystem, guiding them through a proven marketing framework that fills their practice with the right patients/clients.

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