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How To Launch A Stunning Practice Website In 30 Days | Big Boost Marketing

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How To Launch A Stunning Practice Website In 30 Days | Big Boost Marketing

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https://bigboost.marketing | How does it look like for you, creating a stunning website that says the right things and that collects people’s contact information?

Well, we at Big Boost Marketing have created a service for integrative, naturopathic, and net functional medicine practitioners to give them not just the website design, but a fully loaded website, with 20 webpages, 20 blog posts, lead magnets, and all the things that you would need.

There’s a process that in week one, we’re sitting down, we collect your information to personalize the website.

In week two and three, we’re actually rolling out the website for you with the content loaded.

Then in week four, we sit down, review the website with you, and then you make a decision on if there is anything else to change.

And because of that, we created the Big Boost 360 process – guiding health practitioners through a four-step process of identifying their practice focus, creating the content that positions them as authority, and then nurturing and enrolling their ideal patients with marketing automation.

Me and my team have been creating these types of marketing “funnels” for the Institute for Functional Medicine and many of today’s leaders in the field, but what I am most proud of is our ongoing work with hundreds of integrative health practitioners:
Helping health practitioners become known for their expertise is what we do, helping shape the future of healthcare is who we are.


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