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How To Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

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How To Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

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► How To Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program
For people before the pandemic, earning money side projects offers an escape from the struggles of life. Some side businesses can even produce passive income, such as Amazon Associates. With Amazon Associates, nothing beats affiliate marketing.

As of 2020, Amazon has 12 million products and an average $3.8 billion worth in sales per hour. Based on forecasts, online retailer Amazon is expected to reach $386 billion in the next decade.

1:46 – How Does Amazon Associates Work?
2:46 – How Much Can Affiliates Earn With The Program?
3:40 – Who Is Eligible To Be An Amazon Affiliate?
3:58 – Tools Needed For Promoting Amazon
6:11 – What Is The Application Process To Be An Amazon Affiliate?
8:21 – How Do You Create Amazon Affiliate Links?
9:35 – What Are The Amazon Associates Guidelines?
12:57 – How Can You Improve Your Amazon Affiliate Marketing Strategies?

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