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How To Nurture Prospects Into Patients – Big Boost Marketing

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How To Nurture Prospects Into Patients – Big Boost Marketing

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Somebody opted in for your lead magnet, now what?

Typically, most practitioners spend 90% of their effort on creating their leadmagnet, then 10% on promoting it. 

And totally drop the ball on the follow up. 

Expecting for prospects to schedule a phone consultation right away.

This is like expecting to score on the first date…. not good!!

So have a plan for the second, third, ….tenth date.

How do you keep it interesting? How do you stay relevant? How do you surprise them?

Here’s what my mentor Sachin Patel posted on this:

You didn’t become a functional medicine practitioner after 1 webinar, so don’t expect your prospects to become functional medicine patients after 1 webinar. Be consistent and authentic. It can take several touch points to get your message across to people.

Let me touch on one other comment that I get from my new clients all the time:

“I am afraid to send a daily email to my subscribers, I don’t want to annoy them.”

I understand why you would feel that way, but realize that your subscribers will never be as interested in your content than the moment they opted in.

Imagine I sent you a daily email with the winning lottery numbers. Would you want me to stop?

Of course not. And you probably realize now that the only way you could annoy your subscribers if you sent them non-relevant, boring content…. like the classical monthly email newsletter.

So if you see your subscribers tune out, it’s because you talk about stuff not relevant to them, or not interesting enough.

So if you need ideas and a proven framework for creating a kickass email nurture sequence, click here to download our guide for a 10-part patient email nurture sequence that any health practitioner can add to their autoresponder:

How To Nurture Prospects Into Patients – Anatomy Of A Proven Email Campaign
• How to assemble a persuasive email sequence that nurtures + converts your prospective patients in as little as 10 days
• A step-by-step framework to pre-educate prospective patients (before they get on the phone with you)… so you don’t have to repeat yourself over and over again
• Why starting patient education during the first visit is not a sustainable strategy… and what to do instead
• The secret to getting your emails opened… and how you can rapidly build connection & intimacy with your subscribers
• And… how you can do all of this while positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your community

About Big Boost Marketing
We help health professionals (for example MDs, NDs, chiropractors, health coaches, nutritionists or allied health professionals) attract, nurture and convert more prospects into patients, so they can focus on their clinical craft and become the the go-to expert in their community.

Have You Ever Wondered…

[+] How can I position my practice as the go-to choice in my community?
[+] How can I attract more of the right patients that are easier to work with?
[+] How can I automate more of the patient nurture and pre-education (so I don’t have to repeat myself all the time)?

We have worked with hundreds of practitioners and organizations in the holistic, integrative, functional medicine ecosystem, guiding them through a proven marketing framework that fills their practice with the right patients/clients.

Join our free Facebook Group (Predictable Patient Flow) here:

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