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How To Pick A Product To Sell On Amazon In 2022 🙌

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How To Pick A Product To Sell On Amazon In 2022 🙌

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Your success on Amazon comes down to one simple thing – finding the right product to sell on amazon in 2022! I share 10 MUST-KNOW tips on how to pick a winning product. Need help getting started? I’ll send you my free video training straight to your inbox 👉 to sign up.

After selling on Amazon myself and coaching many others, if you’ve got the wrong product it can cost you a lot of time, money, and energy. I want to see you succeed selling on Amazon so these are my LATEST tips that factor in new considerations for 2022.


Best Amazon seller tools…
► Jungle Scout (product research and supplier database) save up to 30% off your membership: t

► Helium 10 (advanced product research & keyword tool) get 50% off your first month: 0

► Zoof (filtered product research tool & more) try it for FREE: f

► Manage By States: s

► Picking a product to sell on Amazon? This will help! video: Y

► How To Find High Demand Products To Sell On Amazon video: o

► How To Do Amazon FBA Product Research 2022 Using Jungle Scout Y

Best Amazon selling courses…
► The #1 Amazon Training Course ‘The Amazing selling Machine’: s

► The #2 Amazon Training Course ‘Marketplace superheroes’: s

00:00 Introduction
01:17 Go premium
02:54 Avoid gated products and categories
05:18 Review historical sales data
06:13 Know your numbers
07:29 Leverage Amazon seller tools
08:45 Don’t rule out heavy + large products
10:51 Strategize how you will differentiate this product from the rest
13:04 Consider how you could market the product
14:40 Consider your sourcing options
16:09 Do a patent search

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