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How to Promote Affiliate Links: 2021 Affiliate Tutorial

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How to Promote Affiliate Links: 2021 Affiliate Tutorial

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In this affiliate marketing tutorial I will show you how to promote affiliate links for free on Google even without a website ✅ Join my “Club” and get Weekly Keywords, Coaching and Training:

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to get traffic to your affiliate links. Most people don’t have a budget to start with, so in this video I’m focusing on showing you how to promote your affiliate links for free, without paying anything.


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If you want to promote your affiliate links, you need to follow the following few steps that I show in this video:

Method #1: Medium

Medium is one of the strongest websites on the planet. It has a ton of authority. And almost any piece of content that’s published on Medium has a very high chance of ranking on Page 1 of Google.

First you need to find some keywords with low competition. Then you need to write an article on that topic. And insert your affiliate links into the article.

Then post it on Medium, and you will have a really good chance of getting traffic to it. In turn, all those visitors will be very likely to click your affiliate links.

Method #2: Utilise the “Review” keywords

When someone wants to buy something online, they will often go and search for a “review” of that item, such as “Nikon D3400 camera review”.

If you manage to publish an article on that term on your own site, or on Medium, then you will have a really high chance of getting on Page 1 of Google search results, because the competition for those keywords is usually really low.

Again, it’s a good idea to insert your affiliate links into these review posts and then you will be able to convert a high proportion of your visitors into sales.



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