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How to Promote Your Shopify Store with Facebook Ads

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How to Promote Your Shopify Store with Facebook Ads

**Update for 2019 – The Shopify Apps and Facebook Ads Strategies that you should be using to be successful with Shopify in 2019

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As I mentioned this video is part of a complete Shopify training tutorial for beginners. It’s 100% Free and it’s 100% pure content.

There is no Shopify Master course to buy. Just 2 hours and 4 minutes of pure value training, beginning to end.
Watch it:

If you’re a beginner and just want to watch the Live New Store Setup:

This is my exact Facebook Ads strategy that I used to promote my Shopify store which was filled with products from Aliexpress and drop shipped direct to customers.

This Facebook marketing tutorial teaches beginners and beyond the basics of a content marketing strategy that will give you a competitive advantage in 2017 and beyond. Not only is the theory behind Facebook advertising explained, I give examples as well. This is truly a must for any beginner looking to run Facebook Shopify Ads.

And don’t forget if you want more Facebook advertising tips and strategies make sure you follow the channel here. I put out a lot of free content beyond Facebook advertising strategy.

If you have any questions about these Facebook advertising basics, please ask them in the comments section. I’ll do my best to get to every question.

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