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How to Quit a Job: Leaving on Good Terms

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How to Quit a Job: Leaving on Good Terms

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Get more tips on how to quit a job:
Follow this guide to help you navigate the difficult decision of leaving your job:

Ready to quit a job? While it’s tempting to leave with little to no notice, gracefully resigning from a position is key to maintaining your connections. Former employers can serve as references or even future business partners, so it’s valuable to know how to quit your job with professionalism.

In this video, we analyze the resignation process from start to finish, providing key tips at each stage. You’ll learn strategies for providing verbal notice to your employer, composing a resignation letter and preparing your coworkers for your departure. Remember that expressing gratitude for your past experience can help you begin your next step on a positive note!

Here are some basic tips to get you started:

1. Be honest with yourself about why you are leaving your current job. Make a list of reasons and decide which ones you want to share with your current employer.
2. It’s best to have your next job lined up before you give your notice. Check out these tips on how to search for a job while employed:
2. Give as much notice as possible, and never less than 2 weeks. Find out more about giving 2 weeks notice:
3. If at all possible, give your notice in person. Remember to show gratitude and keep feedback positive and productive.
4. Make sure you submit a formal letter of resignation after you give your notice. It should include these key elements: time and date, address, statement of resignation, last day of work, statement of gratitude, next steps or important information and your signature. Learn more about how to write a resignation letter:

Search for your next job:

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