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How To Remove ‘Limited By Budget’ Status In Google Ads (2022)

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How To Remove ‘Limited By Budget’ Status In Google Ads (2022)

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In this video, Chris explains how to remove ‘Limited By Budget’ status in Google Ads.

What is ‘limited by budget’ in Google Ads?

A ‘limited by budget’ status occurs when your budget is lower than the recommended average daily budget.

This means that your ad budget isn’t enough to cover all of the traffic that are searching for your keywords.

Google will then reduce the amount of times your ads will appear to make your budget last throughout the day and display the ‘limited by budget’ status in your campaigns.

———————– Chapters ——————————————
00:00 Introduction
00:33 What is Limited By Budget in Google Ads?
01:19 Why are my ads not appearing in auctions?
02:18 How to resolve ‘limited by budget’ status in Google Ads
02:34 Increasing budget in Google Ads
03:09 Lowering cost per click in Google Ads
03:59 Risks of lowering bids in Google Ads
04:26 Benefits of ‘limited by budget’ in Google Ads
05:07 Summary

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