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How to Review Alexa Skills on Amazon – Get an SEO Boost

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How to Review Alexa Skills on Amazon – Get an SEO Boost

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How to find, enable, and review an Alexa Skill on Amazon (desktop browser tutorial). Plus, why this matters for SEO (search engine optimization) for brands in any industry.

Note: Alexa Skills are FREE for your audience to enable.

Search for “investing” – how many results?
Amazon.com – Alexa Skills: 158 results
Google: 1,610,000,000 results

Emily Binder does a demo search for popular keywords by industry:
Finance – “investing”
Fitness – “fitness tips”
Real estate — only 1,000 results today!

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Dive into the blue ocean! Create your homepage on voice with a custom Alexa Skill.
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WealthVoice is the Squarespace of Alexa Skills (voice apps).

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The best way to ask people to leave you a review on Amazon (the Review URL, not the product/skill page URL)
0:33 Sort by “average customer review”
0:45 18 five-star reviews on “Voice Marketing with Emily Binder” Flash Briefing Skill and how it shows up in search
2:50 Alexa Quick Link – marketing tips video: 4
4:10 Amazon’s review approval process
4:30 Why reviews matter for Skills, Alexa Flash Briefings, or any Amazon product
5:10 Growth in Alexa Skills since 2017

Example skill page (a Flash Briefing):

Example of a Skill review page (note the URL):

Example Alexa Quick Link (Plancorp Perspective on WealthVoice): h

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