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How To Run A MASSIVE Facebook Giveaway With Facebook ADS

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How To Run A MASSIVE Facebook Giveaway With Facebook ADS

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How to run a MASSIVE giveaway using Facebook advertising

Here is my FAVORITE Facebook ads strategy:

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How to run massive Facebook giveaway campaigns using Facebook advertising

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Ever wondered how to just completely smash a Facebook ad? Giveaways are really great for that. In this video, I explain how to run a Facebook giveaway that will bring you a great sum of reward.

My last campaign got me 100,000 views for a restaurant where we gave away $100. Now, we did have a nice video but that only has a little bit to do with it. To run a massive Facebook giveaway just make sure you follow these simple steps:

-Create an offer, and give something away
-Tell the audience to like, share, and comment on the post
-Monetize the video views by creating a custom audience once the ad campaign has ended

This will overall give you a massive reach when you’re running your Facebook ads. Use the per post engagement objective in the Facebook business manager.

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