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How To Start With Marketing Segmentation To Boost Your Marketing Automation Strategy

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How To Start With Marketing Segmentation To Boost Your Marketing Automation Strategy

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Marketing segmentation helps your business to get granular with your marketing messaging strategy. This helps you create a solid marketing automation strategy using personalization.

Chances are that your audiences are saturated. This is why it is always a better idea to create granular marketing messages using segmentation. Marketing segmentation takes place when you create subgroups of audiences, but also when you use your customer data to create messages that relevant to each individual.

I’m Josías De La Espada. In today’s episode, I’ll teach you seven easy ways to start with marketing segmentation with a few examples. You can apply these segmentation strategies to create personalized marketing messages that make your customer segments react.

00:00 – Intro
00:11 – B2B And B2C Audiences Are Saturated With Marketing Messages
00:39 – Segmentation Criteria: 7 Easy Ways To Segment Your Audience
01:00 – Demographic Segmentation
01:14 – Skills and knowledge
01:25 – Preferences
02:10 – Behavioral activities
02:36 – Psychographics
03:00 – How your customers use your product
03:39 – How your customers buy your products
04:15 – Marketing segmentation and customer engagement: Ways to ask questions and research
04:50 – Segmentation questions, ideas and examples (augmented buyer persona)
07:35 – Why marketing segmentation is important And why it is important for your personalized marketing

According to Revinate, a well-driven database segmentation leads to a 20% increase in email openings and 70% higher click-through rate (CTR). But there is more. Regarding revenue, a rocket database segmentation delivers 73% higher revenue per recipient. I’m sure you want this for your business!

Here you have a summary of marketing segmentation criteria:
– Demographics: Demographic segmentation is one of the most commonly used forms of segmentation. Analyze who your customers are based on criteria such as age, income, number of family members, race, gender, occupation, education, and nationality.
– Skills and knowledge: Study the things your customers know and how they apply this knowledge when they interact with your brand, employees, products and services.
– Preferences: Divide your customer base taking into account the things your customers like about your brand, products, services and interactions with your team.
– Behavioral activities: Analyze the behaviors and decision-making processes your customers follow. For example, think about their lifestyle, how, when and why they buy and more.
– Psychographics: This takes into account how your customers think and divides markets according to lifestyle, personality traits, values, opinions, and interests of consumers.
– How your customers use your product: Do they use your product like you initially expected? When do they use it? With other people?
– How they buy your products: Similar to the behavioral activities, looking at their processes, how much they spend, when they buy, from what device, if they buy based on a special promotion and more.

You can learn more about these basic segmentation criteria:

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