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How to use Facebook Notes to boost engagement with your audience!

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How to use Facebook Notes to boost engagement with your audience!

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This week’s video is an introduction to Facebook Notes, a handy little tool that you can and should be using to help boost engagement with your content, grow your audience and get more people to take you up on your offers!

There is so much you can do with the features that Facebook Business Pages provide. It’s easy to overlook some of the deep features like Facebook Notes, but I promise it’s well worth it.

You want to get the most out of your Facebook Business page, right? Of course you do. In this video you’ll see how using Facebook Notes can actually give you some “street cred” with the Facebook Algorithm and help get your Facebook Business page seen by more people organically.

Facebook Notes is one more tool in your Facebook marketing toolkit and while you don’t need to use it every day, week, or even month, it can add a nice change for your audience.

Use Facebook Notes to help send traffic to your website, your shop, your sales funnels or even to grow other social media accounts. It’s great as an announcement tool also, so if you have a new product or service, an annual event, or you’re doing special hours for some holiday at your store, you can use Facebook Notes to instantly let your audience know about it!

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