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How to use Microsoft Planner | Complete Guide | Add to Teams

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How to use Microsoft Planner | Complete Guide | Add to Teams

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In this Microsoft Planner for beginners tutorial I cover everything you need to know to use Microsoft Planner. I’ll show you how to use Microsoft Planner from the web (from office.com) and also how you can use Microsoft Planner in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Planner is a Kanban solution that simplifies task management for teams. It’s a fully customizable, visual tool that’s super-easy to use. It uses a simple card-based interface with files, checklists, labels, and more to track progress and deadlines. Best of all, it’s fully integrated with other Microsoft apps like Teams. You can use Microsoft Planner to manage your teamwork and to make sure everyone in the team knows which tasks to do. Planner is also great for personal task planning and organizing. You can schedule tasks in Planner and get a visual overview of task distribution within the team as well as task due dates and more.
You can filter tasks in Microsoft Planner based on different criteria, such as person responsible, task label, due date etc.

In this complete guide I’ll show you how Microsoft Planner works and how you can successfully track your tasks.

Time Stamps
00:00 How to Use Microsoft Planner
01:21 How to Access Microsoft Planner
01:59 How to Create a Plan in Microsoft Planner
03:39 What are Buckets in Microsoft Planner
05:18 How to Create Tasks in Microsoft Planner
11:23 How to Manage Projects with Microsoft Planner
12:51 How to Filter and Group Information in Microsoft Planner
13:40 How to Use Charts View in Microsoft Planner
14:04 How to Use Schedule View in Microsoft Planner
14:43 How to Export a Plan from Microsoft Planner to Excel
15:17 How to Use Planner in Microsoft Teams

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